Chinese New Year by the B Man Aged 6 1/4

Chinese New Year by the B Man Aged 6 1/4

Inspired by our day out to China Town, B man wrote a story….

B Man in China

Once upon a time there was a boy called B. He was very excited. I was with my friends and family. I was making lanterns. There were dragons dancing, some of them were 100 feet long.

There were fireworks that night. They were loud. There were pretty houses, they were high.

Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. They have dragon fruit and dim sum. The dragon fruit is pink and spiky and the dim sum is peach.

There are dancers with fans and altogether it is really cool.

The houses are really cool. They are putting decorations outside the houses.

They do some sparklers and they do crackers that pop like a firework. They are very loud.

The houses have lights on top. It’s a very good season, like brilliant.

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