Getting The Wobbles

Getting The Wobbles

I like to think of myself as a go with the flow chilled out kind of a girl. I’ve absolutely no idea where I get this odd misconception of myself from as it couldn’t be further from the truth. I plan, write lists, panic I’m missing something, remind myself I’m this go with the flow hippy and tell myself not to worry, buy a new diary, forget to write in the diary, triple book myself, then get stressed out about the whole being a grown up process.

I’d tried to convince myself that I was going to go for the whole chilled out approach with the home education but today I had a bit of a wobble.

Had I done enough?

Did we do enough reading/writing/maths/school type things?

So I decided to do a recap of what we’d done today to evaluate what I could do better tomorrow. We started the day off poring over the recipe books to plan our meals for the next few days. B wrote up the planner in probably his finest handwriting. Win!

B had an hour long violin lesson. This used to be my lesson, but he seems to have taken it over since the home education has begun. Musical interest has to be another win right?

We did some grocery shopping. We weighed things, looked at price comparisons and worked out what we needed to make the meals on our planner.

Home for lunch and a bike ride. Previously B had very little interest in his bike. He has always found it hard and never had the desire to persevere. Today I noticed a sea change. He actually wanted to do this. Another win.

Off we went for 45 minutes music theory, where we looked at using fractions and music. Now I know that ticks an educational box, so again, win!

Nearing bedtime we spotted the moon looking a little different tonight. Out with the books and B realised we’d seen something known as earth shine. He also managed to find Orion’s belt and we had a chat about planets and reignited his love of all things space.

Fundamentally what I’ve realised today is its really quite hard to measure “learning”. But what I have seen is my wonderful little man is getting the spring back in his step. He’s falling in love with the world again, and I can’t put a value on that. Its the best feeling ever.

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