To Half Term or Not to Half Term…

To Half Term or Not to Half Term…

Having only embarked on our home education journey the week before half term, we decided to take a half term ourselves. After all, technically we are still in the deschooling phase ourselves. So we spent a week spending precious time with all of our friends who are in school and whom we rarely get entire days with.

On the whole all seemed pretty normal. From frosty days out to the wonderful Danbury Lakes, where we spent time building dams, to some high speed adrenaline at Adventure Island (or Peter Pans Playground as it will always be to me). It was great to watch B just having fun with friends, and without the ever impending cloud that this would only last for a week.

What struck me away from the safety net of close friends and familiar surroundings is how my little one has lost his confidence. This was the boy who would talk to anyone and try everything before he started school. A reticence from 18 months of bullying is still there. So rather than worrying over what we are going to learn over the coming months, I’m working on getting that confident, exuberant little man back on top form. We will of course be out and about, working on the varied projects B has planned, and writing never ending stories no doubt. But first and foremost I want to see that care free boy who’s intent on changing the world through the power of rollercoasters back.

Watch this space.

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