Fossil Hunting & Rock Collection – Walton on the Naze

Fossil Hunting & Rock Collection – Walton on the Naze

All geared up with our Children’s fossil hunting kit from UKGE, we set off Walton-on-the-Naze to explore. We are so fortunate to live in a part of Essex which is close to the coast for days out like this, and has been a staple of days out since I was little, let alone the boy.

In the past our days to the Naze to see the tower have usually been once the tide has come in and we weren’t quite ready to head home. This was our first expedition down to the beach. We were blessed with a sunny day, albeit pretty fresh, and off we went, haversack on, ready for fossils!

As it turns out, even in an area which is renowned for fossils, they are a little elusive to find. Particularly when you’re 6 and want to run around! So we concentrated on finding items of interest instead. We discovered lots of different rocks and seaweeds, which we can tie in with the Big Seaweed Search.

I love how having a loose plan for a days learning can evolve in so many ways. The things we learnt compared with what I had expected to was much longer…

  • Who knew just how many different types of seaweed you can discover, and how very different they are?
  • That there really are a lot of different birds to spot at the coast. Have to admit, previously I would have classed the whole lot as seagulls.
  • Watching the amazing patterns nature makes in the sand as the tide goes in and out.
  • How smooth muddy rocks compared to shells teach you about friction.
  • The erosion of rocks and coast lines and how man made structures can change this.
  • That most shells are “righthanded” with the exception of the “left handed whelk”.

We’ve been uploading and classifying our finds now that we are home with the help of the Natural History Museum community forums. Which has been a good way to utilise technology with the boy who can be a little tech reluctant.

As we watched the boats come in and out of the docks further along the coast in Harwich we found inspiration for a topic on transport. Its amazing how one thing leads to another, and how we all make connections, usually ones with wheels in our case!

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