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Reluctant Reader – Help!

Reluctant Reader – Help!

B and I have loved reading together since he was a few weeks old. From the wonderful That’s Not My Baby/Monster/Dinosaur books, to all the traditional fairy tales, and then the delights of Julia Donaldson. We worked through them all. When B was only 7 months old he could pick out The Gruffalo or The Smartest Giant in Town. He just seemed to have an affinity with books. He taught himself to read with the retro Peter and Jane series. He couldn’t get enough of any kind of book.

And then he stopped. Just like that. This little boy who loved stories, non-fiction, magazines, any form of literature, just stopped. I’m trying to remain relaxed about the whole thing, but it really does concern me. At first I thought it could be a reaction to leaving school. He found working through the book levels at school very repressive. Constantly having to choose from a certain colour coded book, instead of having the freedom to choose a book that sparked his interest really riled him. He’d read the books in the car home almost to prove how quickly he could do it. It stopped becoming a joy, and more of a bind, which can’t be a good thing.

So to rekindle his interest we’ve been on a bit of a mission. From starting a reading diary (not very successful) to logging all the books we do read on Good Reads (slightly more successful). We’ve set up a reading nook in the playhouse in the garden to give us a cosy area to read together (we used it once).

So I stopped. I felt really uncomfortable just letting go, but I knew I had to take a complete step back and let him come back to it in his own way. B still loves a non-fiction book, so I had no qualms that he wouldn’t read at all, I just worried how much pleasure he used to get from books that had gone.

And then the master of story telling, the most amazing author, the one that brought so much delight to my own childhood, the splendid Roald Dahl began to get him back into books. One night the one and only BFG dropped by our house one night with a dream jar. It seemed the only way to rekindle the literary love affair was to bring the books to life. And so for the time being, bedtime is a time for story telling and adventure once more. B’s not reading himself again yet, but his love of stories is on the way back, which is a very good place to start.

We’ll be telling you all about our dream jars adventures soon. Don’t miss it!

History Lessons – The Romans

History Lessons – The Romans

We’ve been learning about the Romans recently as part of our home education. B requested that this was something that we looked at when we first started our home education journey back in February. One of my favourite things with home education, is the ability to choose a subject or topic, study it to the length that holds the child’s interest for their age, and then revisit as their desire to gather more detail increases.

We have found some great resources on Twinkl to help and B is currently enjoying reading this book Romans by Usborne books.

We have learnt about Roman numerals and had great fun code breaking with worksheets from Twinkl.

Starting with points that interested B we have looked at aqueducts, Roman cities, emporers, clothing, and food that Romans liked to eat. Who knew that Dormice and peacock brains were a delicacy…rather them than me, that’s for sure!

We’ve visited our local museum and found some great information here to aid our studies.

Its amazing how so many ideas can come from one starting point too. From Latin and looking at how many words stem from their Latin origins, one topic has included, language, history, literacy, maths and most importantly we’ve had lots of fun!

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