History Lessons – The Romans

History Lessons – The Romans

We’ve been learning about the Romans recently as part of our home education. B requested that this was something that we looked at when we first started our home education journey back in February. One of my favourite things with home education, is the ability to choose a subject or topic, study it to the length that holds the child’s interest for their age, and then revisit as their desire to gather more detail increases.

We have found some great resources on Twinkl to help and B is currently enjoying reading this book Romans by Usborne books.

We have learnt about Roman numerals and had great fun code breaking with worksheets from Twinkl.

Starting with points that interested B we have looked at aqueducts, Roman cities, emporers, clothing, and food that Romans liked to eat. Who knew that Dormice and peacock brains were a delicacy…rather them than me, that’s for sure!

We’ve visited our local museum and found some great information here to aid our studies.

Its amazing how so many ideas can come from one starting point too. From Latin and looking at how many words stem from their Latin origins, one topic has included, language, history, literacy, maths and most importantly we’ve had lots of fun!

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