Unschooling and Structure

Unschooling and Structure

In September we thought we’d try a more structured approach to our daily routine. We set aside times for maths and English and I went crazy printing off a million and one worksheets. Add some brightly coloured lever arch folders to the mix and I was in an organising and filing frenzy. I thought it would be the perfect solution to adding the structure we thought we wanted and I’d made some lovely spreadsheets to tick off everything we were learning about.

Needless to say a couple of months later and we are having a major overhaul yet again. Does that mean our heavily structured method failed? I don’t think so. We’ve drawn from it the things that we both liked. I like the fact that should we choose to follow the curriculum strictly I have all the resources to hand, and B loves a worksheet like there’s no tomorrow.

But what about the unschooling?

I was desperate to free B from the constraints of following something rigid. I thought that we could dip in and out of things as interests changed. That we could choose a topic and get lost in it. I’d noticed so many benefits over the summer from stepping away from the formal learning and spending lots of time outside, but this is not what he wants to do.

So after much discussion we’ve put together a timetable of when and what we are doing. It’s all led by B, and he wants to know what he’s doing and when. So our child led learning may look completely different from what I envisioned, but isn’t that always the way.

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