Month: December 2016

Hibernating & Deschooling

Hibernating & Deschooling

It seems like I’ve not written for ages, so after over a month of blogging hibernation we are back. December was a funny month for us. It felt strange not to be caught in a whirl of Nativity plays and rehearsals, and the mania that surrounded us when B was in school. After struggling to shake off the dreaded cough that’s doing the rounds we spent time recuperating, chilling and taking the festivities in a far more slower fashion.

By taking the time out it was like having another period of deschooling which I can’t recommend enough. I love how you can evolve your home education style as you go. As your children grow, and their needs change, so can the method in which you educate them. I noticed that B had emerged with a new fascination with the world. Those constant questions of “how does this work”, “why do we do this”, “when did this happen” were back. But a month without much structure also brings about challenges for the both of us who secretly thrive on it. So this year requires a way in which we can have enough structure to give us a framework to know what we are doing, balanced with the freedom to let our minds run riot with ideas.

So far we’ve got a lot more organised at booking events up for the year ahead which is something I’m usually a lot more impulsive with, but B likes to know what he’s doing in the future and with whom so it’s a must. On the flip side it also gives me a chance to see which times of the year are getting too busy, and to schedule in some downtime to stop us burning out.

I’m not sure how long we will prevail in this style, but when it needs evolving again, that’s what we’ll do!

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