Postcrossing – Postcards From Around the World

Postcrossing – Postcards From Around the World

If you’re anything like me the main thing that comes through your letterbox is junk mail and bills. Which isn’t a great deal of fun for anyone! If you’d like to brighten up your post, and put a smile on someone else’s face too, then you really should try Post Crossing. So what exactly is Post Crossing and how can you get involved? Its a free project and anyone can join in the fun. You send postcards across the world and people send them to you. We’ve received postcards from Russia, Portugal Germany and the USA and have sent out our own across the world.

You never know just when or where the next one is going to arrive from, and it’s great fun when they pop through the door.

The website will track how far your total cards have come and gone too with a handy map feature.

From an educational perspective we’ve discussed what people might like to know about where we live and what we can tell them, through to the wealth of questions B asks when a new postcard lands through our door.

With so much bad news in the world right now, it feels good to do something positive and remember the world is made of people, just like you and me, everywhere in the world.

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