Not Back to School

Not Back to School

Wow! Just like that it’s September again and summer has gone in a flash. At least it feels like that in this house, after weeks of dancing and football holiday clubs. The home education community is awash with Not Back to School posts and hashtags from everyone from the unschoolers to the structured families. It’s quite a celebration of an eclectic kind. If now is the time that you’re seeking out your own home education community or interested in how it all works, this is where activity starts to pick up again after the summer hibernation.

As a family that thrives with structure and routine we are back with our heads in the books. This year would see B in Year 3 if he was in school, and with the plan to return to school for Year 7 it’s time to knuckle down a little. Looking back it seems Year 1 was a period of recovery after events that happened at school. Year 2 was all about dabbling in different methods and finding what worked, and Year 3? Well that’s about putting our successes into practice and running with it. Of course the most fantastic thing with such a tailored education is that we can tweak and modify along the way. Its an evolutionary journey, not one set in stone.

Our home education sees us follow the national curriculum fairly rigidly. It’s often quite a surprise that home educators are under no obligation to do this, and if we were looking at home education up until 18 then we may take a different stance. I was filled with a fair amount of dread piecing together our English work for this year due to the emphasis on the grammar involved but B has dived in with aplomb. As a fan of rules generally in life, what’s not to like about rules in your written work? We’ve also planned a lot of fun around The Iron Man and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which we will be studying this year. For me this year has involved a huge amount of planning. We want to fit in as many of the fun activities available this year, but also have goals set in getting through the work that needs completing with contingency planning in case of disaster!

Having a year and half under our belts now, I also feel a lot more confident in where to look for resources, how much time to spend on a subject, and how there are such a variety of people home educating, it doesn’t matter if your journey looks different from everyone else’s. As long as it is working for your family, then that’s good enough.

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