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Our Ultimate Christmas List

Our Ultimate Christmas List

It’s the time of year when every child out there is putting pen to paper and writing their all important Christmas List. For some children this is an absolute delight with catalogues open, TV adverts remembered and they could write page upon page. For others its can be a great source of stress with the pressure to think up something that they like. In our house this year the list is very short, as the boy has decided he would like some surprises. Usually everything is done to the list, so its a first for me having a free reign so to speak. Here goes…

  • K’nex – we’ve amassed quite a collection in our house, but there is always room for a new rollercoaster or theme park set. This year we are hoping for this 3-in-1 Amusement Park
  • Lego – what stocking wouldn’t be without at least one set. Carrying on the theme park tradition, this Bumper Car Set looks perfect.
  • A height chart – we love this one from I Want One of Those – how else do you know when you’ve gone up a rollercoaster size?
  • We love a holiday, but there’s nothing like exploring the UK – check out where you’ve been and where to go next with this fab map
  • Silly Story Laboratory  this game from The Happy Puzzle Company looks great fun. We love a new board game at Christmas time.
  • If like me, you live in a house full of Maths fanatics, this game looks ideal. Equate is similar to Scrabble but with numbers.
  • Admittedly we may have a *few* versions already, but this Gamer Monopoly looks too cool to miss.
  • Hex Bugs have been popular in this house for years. Great to add to the collection each year, and a really good to toy to play collaboratively with friends.
  • Mulberry Bush have a lovely range of children’s toys, and just when I think we may be outgrowing them, I find gems like this readling light book mark for the stocking. Perfect.

Hopefully Father Christmas will have room for all of this on his sleigh!

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