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The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark – Unicorn Theatre Production

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark – Unicorn Theatre Production

When it comes to theatres The Unicorn Theatre is fast becoming my favourite. There’s not a single detail that hasn’t been thought through. From the graduating basins in the bathrooms, the fabulous illustrations on the walls, the craft table in the lobby, and the actions inscribed on the floors. You know that this is a place where you are going to have fun.

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to get to see a production of The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. This was one of those stories that I couldn’t wait to share with B. I had simply adored it when I was a child and we had read the book together a while back. I have to admit I was slightly nervous about seeing a production of a book that held such dear childhood memories to me, but the production is absolutely perfect. With the story taking place centre stage whilst we sat around the edges of the theatre, it was totally immersive theatre. Plop the owl was played to perfection and the mother and other characters portrayed so fluidly I’d say I enjoyed it as much, if not more than the children in the audience! There are some fabulous moments, which we won’t tell you all about as they make such fun surprises.

Here is B’s review of the production (and journey)

Chapter 1 – Transport

We drove to Canary Wharf then got on the tube. We took the tube to London Bridge.

Chapter 2 – The Start

Plop was afraid of the dark. Plop’s mum said “What do you know about the dark Plop?”

“It is black.”

“No, its blue, silver and grey.”

On the wall there were fireworks.

Chapter 3 – The End

At the end Plop went star gazing and looked for Orion. Then he met a cat called Orion. At the end he liked the dark.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark is on until 21st November. Its such a magical performance, we highly recommend you go and see it. Tickets are available now

Book here

Disclaimer – we received complimentary tickets but all opinions and comments are our own.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – Reviewed by B

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – Reviewed by B

Chapter 1 – Transport

We went on the overground then changed at Liverpool Street for the underground. On the underground we went to Holborn, then changed for the dark blue line to Covent Garden. It was on Duke Street.

Chapter 2 – Best Character

Mike Teavee

Chapter 3 – The Names of the Characters

Augustus Gloop

Veruca Salt

Violet Beauregarde

Mike Teavee

Charlie Bucket

Chapter 4 – Charlie Bucket

He lived in a cottage with his mum, dad and Grandpa Joe.

Chapter 5 – How the Children Go

Augustus Gloop falls in the chocolate waterfall and goes up a pipe. Violet blows up by eating gum. Veruca Salt goes where the eggs go to see if there good or bad and Veruca Salt was a bad egg. Mike Teavee goes on TV.

Chapter 6 – Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

Charlie celebrates being the boss of the chocolate factory.

The End

Septimus Bean and his Amazing Machine review by B age 6 and a half

Septimus Bean and his Amazing Machine review by B age 6 and a half

Yesterday I went to see Septimus Bean and his Amazing Machine.


You can go on the overground from Kent or underground you can take the northern line or the jubilee line. 

Cool Bits

I like the end where it was like a cinema. I liked the start where there was no machine. At the start they pretended that there was a machine.

Worst Bits

I didn’t like the end where the machine broke but I liked Bean Park.

Favourite Bits

I like the cube.

I like the big machine when it flied. I liked how they said the same row (lines). I like the King, Septimus Bean and the Queen. They are all the characters.

Septimus Bean crashed his machine and it was like a cinema.

The End.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

I’m never sure which is my favourite museum in London. When we visit each one I change my mind and declare it a favourite, but The Natural History Museum always holds a special place in my heart. Walking in and seeing Dippy in the main hall takes me straight back to being a tot and the feeling of the enormity of it all. After countless visits, I still don’t feel that I’ve seen it all, or even touched the surface.

Here’s what B discovered on our last trip.

You can get to the museum by driving to Canary Wharf and then take the underground to Sother (sic) Kensington

There were 600 different kinds of dinosaurs.

We know that Tyrannosaurus Rex was a meat eater. You can tell because of his teeth.

The biggest animal that ever lived is the blue whale.

We can identify 4 different types of volcano:

  1. strato volcanoes
  2. shield volcanoes
  3. cinder cones
  4. volcanic lava domes

Earthquakes feel scary.

You can tell a smooth rock has travelled further than a rough one, because as it travels it gets smooth.

Educational Sessions at Colchester Zoo – Habitats by B aged 6

Educational Sessions at Colchester Zoo – Habitats by B aged 6

I always find the zoo a bit of a dilemma, the caged animals pacing for our entertainment does not sit well, so I’ll let the boy answer this one….

  1. Can you remember the 6 different types of habitat?
  • taiga forest
  • desert
  • ocean
  • rainforest
  • woodland forest
  • savannah

2. What is the weather like in the rainforest?

The rainforest is hot.

3. How many seasons are there in the savannah?

In the savannah, there are 2 seasons.

4. How do animals keep warm in the taiga forest?

They have thick fur to keep them warm.

5. What is the main habitat in the UK?

Woodland forest.

6. Who might live in the ocean?

Fish, sharks, squid, whales and dolphins.


The Great Fire of London – an account by B aged 6

The Great Fire of London – an account by B aged 6

On September 1st 1666, Thomas forgot to put the fire out. It runned away in fury. There were sparks and flames, it rushed everywhere. It burned St Pauls cathedral.

Samuel Pepys recorded the great fire of London.

They tipped water on the fire. They were scared of the fire. It started on the the 2nd and went on until the 5th of September. It almost went to the Tower of London.

The Monument is 61 metres high. Wren designed the monument to remember the fire of London.

Chinese New Year by the B Man Aged 6 1/4

Chinese New Year by the B Man Aged 6 1/4

Inspired by our day out to China Town, B man wrote a story….

B Man in China

Once upon a time there was a boy called B. He was very excited. I was with my friends and family. I was making lanterns. There were dragons dancing, some of them were 100 feet long.

There were fireworks that night. They were loud. There were pretty houses, they were high.

Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. They have dragon fruit and dim sum. The dragon fruit is pink and spiky and the dim sum is peach.

There are dancers with fans and altogether it is really cool.

The houses are really cool. They are putting decorations outside the houses.

They do some sparklers and they do crackers that pop like a firework. They are very loud.

The houses have lights on top. It’s a very good season, like brilliant.

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