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Celtic Harmony Camp Hertford

Celtic Harmony Camp Hertford

On a fresh but chilly Tuesday morning we were up and out early to get to a day full of activities at the Celtic Harmony Camp near Hertford. With many jumpers and layers (what is it with this years weather?) and a rucksack full of lunch and snacks we headed off round the M25 to our destination. Only an hours drive from Chelmsford, but thousands of years back in time, we were ready for action.

This was our first trip out with a group of home educators from a different area, so I was a little apprehensive about not knowing anyone, but B takes these situations with gusto so I knew we’d be fine. Luckily for us they all turned out to be lovely and we both made new friends – win!

Once we’d parked and headed up the track to the camp it really felt like we were leaving the modern day behind. Greeted by the enthusiastic team of Owain, Angus and Manachar,  we were soon within the settlement walls and ready for action. With an excellent range of activities for different aged children, B was in the Farmer Group aimed for KS2. Our guide Owain led us to the roundhouse for an introduction and we were off! With a blue squiggle of face paint to ensure we looked the part, it was time to get stuck in.

The Farmers itinerary included:

  • Grinding corn on quern stones – the children soon discovered how much effort used to be involved in baking your daily bread.
  • Learning about the herb garden – the children were greatly amused to discover that one herb was mixed with urine to make blue dye!
  • Making jewellery and using dye – with our newfound knowledge on Celtic dyes, we made a bracelet and dyed it purple.
  • Carding and spinning wool – Owain explained the history of spinning a yarn on more way than one! It was fascinating to learn how commonplace terms we use everyday had a root in our history.
  • Weaving cloth on a loom – with the children in teams, they all had great fun using the looms, and weaving cloth.

We finished off with a great story told by Owain in the roundhouse. He had us all enthralled, this man has a great talent for storytelling! It was time to make our way home. This was a truly great day out, and if you ever get the opportunity to visit as a family, home educating group or with a school, I can’t recommend it enough.

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