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Chinese New Year by the B Man Aged 6 1/4

Chinese New Year by the B Man Aged 6 1/4

Inspired by our day out to China Town, B man wrote a story….

B Man in China

Once upon a time there was a boy called B. He was very excited. I was with my friends and family. I was making lanterns. There were dragons dancing, some of them were 100 feet long.

There were fireworks that night. They were loud. There were pretty houses, they were high.

Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. They have dragon fruit and dim sum. The dragon fruit is pink and spiky and the dim sum is peach.

There are dancers with fans and altogether it is really cool.

The houses are really cool. They are putting decorations outside the houses.

They do some sparklers and they do crackers that pop like a firework. They are very loud.

The houses have lights on top. It’s a very good season, like brilliant.

Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Day 1 of our home education journey and we survived! With no particular plan in place of how our first week was going to pan out, we hopped on the train to London with a loose plan and winged it. With Chinese New Year coinciding with our new foray into home education it was too good an opportunity to miss. Here’s what I thought might happen and what actually did.

  • A journey on public transport.
  • A wander around China Town.
  • A visit to Foyles bookshop.

When I started investigating home education I always believed in the adage that education really is everywhere. Today I learned just how true that is. Our journey on public transport began with the bus. From learning how to use the timetable, to discussing what might affect the bus arriving on time, B was keen to talk and discuss ideas. We spoke about money and numeracy when we bought the tickets for the bus and train. Adding up how much we’d spent so far, and how much we had left. Once we got on the train B planned how we’d get to Leicester Square on the tube, and we researched how the tube stations got their names. We nosed through the Chinese supermarkets and stocked up on ingredients we couldn’t find closer to home. From Chinatown we took a walk to Foyles on Charing Cross Road using the compass on the iPhone. Inspired by Chinese New Year, B chose books on both the New Year celebrations and Chinese writing.

I recently started reading Good Ideas by Michael Rosen, and what struck me was teaching children to make connections. Today has been a good day for that.

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