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Kinetic Sand Building Set – Building Made Fun

Kinetic Sand Building Set – Building Made Fun

B was beyond excited to receive a box of Kinetic Sand to try out and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. We’ve been looking at buildings as part of our home education journey after B decided he wanted to do a project on them so the timing couldn’t have been better. There are a range of different sets available so you can veer towards whatever your little ones are interested in. The sandcastle set is is great for girls and boys as the colours are neutral, ideal if you’ve more than one child to please.

With everything you need to get started B got on with the job in hand. The sand moulds so well, we had creations in no time. There is enough sand included to create all the plastic moulds that are included which pleased him no end. Sometimes there’s nothing worse when having to choose to build one, you need to destroy your other creations!

One of the first things you notice with the sand is that is has a really pleasing texture. Over the years we’ve played with many modelling toys from moon dough, to sand, through to plasticine and none of them feel as nice as this does on your hands. When sensory issues come into play when choosing toys, this one was a hit for us.

A favourite thing about kinetic sand is just how well you can mould it. B managed to make them all without the familiar despair of a castle collapsing too soon!

With a handy tray to play and store everything in, this is a toy that parents needn’t fear being brought out either!
**We were sent the sand to review, but all opinions are our own **

The Great Outdoors – Encouraging Your Child Outside

The Great Outdoors – Encouraging Your Child Outside

You can’t help but notice how children don’t play outside as much as they used to. As a child I was always outside. I have so many memories from making algae fritters in my nan’s garden (don’t ask!) to building dens and climbing trees. Our freedom came with bikes and dare I say it, stay at home mums and no way of monitoring us 24/7. Im not convinced it’s all about the computer games kids have access to; we had a fab Atari console, but spent hours outside too.

B hasn’t always been too keen on being outside. He would nearly always choose to be inside drawing or making train networks or playing with Lego. In some ways I probably felt quite relieved a lot of the time. It meant I wasn’t continually getting mud out of the house and his fine motor skills were always very adept.

However, when B was at school in reception they flagged up that they thought he may be dyspraxic. After a thorough diagnostic appointment, it was noted that his gross motor skills sit on the 9th percentile. I often wonder if I should have encouraged him outside to climb more, dig, get dirty and build up his balance and other skill sets. I also missed so many signs as I just dismissed the signs as an inherited clumsiness. (I’m still reeling from discovering I’m the only grown up I know who falls off their bike a lot!)

When faced with a long list of exercises from the hospital to work on his hyper mobility (another gift from me), I knew we might struggle to maintain the routine. In its place we’ve tried to build our own program to incorporate them in a fun way. From weekly ice skating, trampolining, and ballet lessons. We are slowly transforming our garden. With a new mud kitchen, a water wall built from guttering, and a basketball net we are getting B to enjoy being outdoors more and more. We’ve built a willow dome, and a reading area into the playhouse, put together a beach on a tuff tray, and tried as much planting and growing as we can.

We’ll be updating our progress on what’s working for us here, any ideas on what works for your family are most welcome!

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