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The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice – One Third Stories

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice – One Third Stories

B has always been intrigued by different languages from a very early age. One of his best friends who he has known since birth speaks Greek, so the concept of speaking a different language has always been on his radar. From Latin to Chinese Mandarin, to French, Spanish and German, he wants to dabble in them all. Even convincing me to pop to France on a ferry one morning just so he could ask for some bread in French when he was 4 years old, he has always been the driving force behind it.
So when we heard about One Third Stories it sounded right up our street. The stories are engaging and comical, with fantastic descriptive language which kept B’s attention over and over again. He was in hysterics over people who had “hid inside the loo”. The story starts in English, so with readers of B’s age, they can confidently read the story and find their rhythm before the language kicks in. Once they are underway, the subtly of the Clockwork Methodology that is used doesn’t seem to dent their stride.

Having scuppered my own language qualifications after asking for a rabbit of coffee, (it really did happen), I was amazed at how easy it was to pick up. By slowly introducing a word into context so that you can work out what it must mean, is a fantastic idea. Compared with laboriously learning long phrases on how to get to the town hall, this was a breeze.

Due to the fact that the words are placed within the text without a translation, they are open to a little discrepancy. B and I read most of the words the same, although he was adamant the kettle must be shiny, whilst I thought it meant blue. I found that when we read it together I could prompt him into whether his interpretation would entirely make sense. So for a 6 year old, I would say it’s still good to read together whilst they get the gist, then they could happily read it alone, to reinforce the language.

Out of all the methods we use at home to learn languages, from apps to books and CD’s,  this has been the easiest in my opinion. We are really looking forward to reading more and expanding our language repertoire!

* we were kindly sent a copy of The Little Girl who Lost her Voice, but all opinions are our own.

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