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Making a Mud Kitchen

Making a Mud Kitchen

We’ve had a couple of old wooden crates knocking around the garden for ages, and I’ve finally found a purpose for them. We are making a mud kitchen. Now if you ask anyone who knows me, DIY and me are not the best combination. I’m not so bad on the ideas front, I’ve even been known to start many a project. But finish them? Not me. This is probably the first time I’ve managed to see something the whole way through, so I’m hoping its a whole new side to me emerging. Maybe I’ve turned into a grown up!

We made our mud kitchen with a minimum of materials. This is what we collected / bought:

  • 2 wooden pallets
  • A packet of wood screws (long ones)
  • 9 coloured tiles
  • A bird bath to use as our sink
  • Hooked plant pots for storage
  • Pots, pans and utensils for mud pie making

​B wanted to make as much of it as possible so I let him do the sawing (not for the faint hearted). Here’s how we made it:

  1. Take one of your pallets and cut roughly in half. I’d choose to do it where there is a minimum amount of sawing.
  2. Take your two pieces and screw together to make an “L” shape.
  3. Screw your “L” shaped pallet to your remaining pallet, to form your kitchen.

4. It’s time to paint your mud kitchen. We chose lots of bright colours for ours as we both love a rainbow. (We used a lot of left over paint up this way too!)

5. Once the painting part is done, add your tiles (we stuck ours down with adhesive suitable for showers to cope with the British weather)

6. Add your finishing touches and you’re done!


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