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Our Positive Living Challenge

Our Positive Living Challenge

I’ve had a bit of a cull on my social media lately as I’ve noticed that some things (pages and people) really bring out a side of myself that I’m not too keen on. It could be a little of the green eyed monster, or it could just be an irreconcilable point of view. Either way, I decided that if I don’t speak or see these people in real life, I didn’t need to see things that irritate me that much.

I’m a big fan of action, if something is getting you down, so B and I have embarked on our new positivity challenge. B can become quite self-deprecating and I’m trying to enable him to deal with his emotions and channel his negative energy and learn some coping mechanisms when things don’t go quite right. It wasn’t that long ago when he would declare that whatever was causing him offence should be put in the bin. This could be anything from a drawing not going to plan, a game, his dinner, or a friend. The outbursts are decreasing, which is a huge progress, but his confidence could definitely do with a boost.

So we are taking on this challenge together. We’ve sat and designed and made our new “positive bracelets” together, and the challenge is this:

  • For every negative thought or action you have to switch the bracelet from one arm to the other.

Our goal is to build up from a whole day off of negativity to 30 days. I’ve already had to switch mine 3 times this evening – oops! We’ve discussed where we sit with anger, and how that affects our positivity. So far we’ve looked at things we think are unjust and that we should tackle them with positivity rather than apathy. I don’t want to remove anger altogether if it promotes us to partake in change for the better. But IĀ also think there’s a lot to be said about anger being one letter away from danger.

I think its going to be quite a challenge. We’ll keep you posted on how we get on!

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