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Rocket Science – The Seeds are IN!

Rocket Science – The Seeds are IN!

We had only just started our home education journey when we found out about theĀ Rocket Science project. It was our first time joining in on the Twitter home ed hour (held on a Thursday night 8-9) where we learnt about the project. It seemed ideal as the boy is space mad and we were keen to include gardening regularly in our home ed journey.

I have to admit I wasn’t exactly thinking just how much room 200 seeds might take up when we applied, but we’ve since found a nice home for them all on a sunny windowsill in the living room!

Its been a real team effort between us getting the project underway. B has been able to tackle the practical parts, filling the trays with earth and the watering, whilst I’ve kept up some of the admin type tasks. We’ve incorporated math skills, looking at averages, multiplication, measuring and percentages, all in kinaesthetic learning style which seems to benefit us both. It’s amazing what you learn together doing this kind of thing.

I have a feeling our house may look like the day of the triffids after the 6 weeks are up, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on how it’s going!

Next step germination….

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