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School Allocation Day

School Allocation Day

Today my social media has been awash with good news and bad news. Parents who have got the schools that they desperately wanted and those who have not. I remember staying up to the early hours waiting earnestly to see if B had got his place a couple of years ago, and dramatically declaring I would simply build a free school if we weren’t successful! Fast forward to now and I had no idea that we would end up on the journey we have. But like they say, life is what happens when you are busy making plans.

So where am I going with this? I mean after all today’s tales don’t really affect me, but I really wanted to put something positive out into the arena. Even though B got the school of our choice, it still didn’t instil me with positivity. I was uneasy about sending him and had started to research other options, but home education just didn’t seem like a viable option. I didn’t know a single other person who’d either been home educated or was currently home educating their children. I thought that we’d be a pair of loners at the kitchen table day in, day out, wondering what the hell we were doing. Fast forward to now, and as you can see that’s rarely the case. To anyone feeling unsure of their child’s future after todays results I would just say the following:

  • School will always be there. If home education turns out to be a disaster for your family you can always reapply.
  • Just think of what you’ve always done. You’ve taught your child to talk, walk, ride a bike, swim, read and question the world. You’ll just be building on these skills.
  • You can learn alongside your child. I’ve learnt a wealth of information on trains and space in the past year. Sometimes you’d be amazed by how much your child knows.
  • There are hundreds of resources to help you. From online curriculums to web based learning programs, there will be something to help you.
  • It is not a lonely place. Join your local Facebook groups and you’ll be amazed by how much is going on. Usually I have to limit our activity as the home education network is so busy. There is always something going on.
  • You will find your tribe and your people. It may take a few visits to different activities, but you will find the mums and kids that you click with.

I truly hope you’ve found your school place and are happy, but if the alternative is looking like home education for you, it really is a massively rewarding journey. Hard work, but like most things in life, the things that are tough are the ones that are worth it.

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