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Non School Uniform Shopping

Non School Uniform Shopping

It’s coming to the end of the school holidays (we are a home ed family that takes advantage of them), and although we don’t have a uniform per se, it’s got me thinking about clothing supplies that B needs. The one major thing I noticed when we first started home educating was that B didn’t actually have that many clothes any more. With the bulk of his time spent in uniform, he had comfy gear for after school, jeans for the weekend and one or two smart outfits for “best”. Within a couple of weeks his jeans had been destroyed! Back to spending hours on the floor building LegoKnex and Hex Bugs, the knees on the jeans were spent. So now I’m on a mission to find clothes that are a match for a home educated child! We are big fans of Boden in this house, for the both of us, so we shall be sourcing plenty from there. B likes to pore over the catalogue choosing himself many an outfit over breakfast so that will be our first port of call. I’ve also found that outdoor adventure type clothes work well when busy engineering in the front room, or climbing a mountain, so a trip to Mountain Warehouse is probably due.

As much as it can be tempting to stock up on cheap gear, it seems a false economy to me. We’ve been able to get a couple of years wear from some of B’s favourites, which pleases the both of us!

The other thing B goes through like there’s no tomorrow is socks! I swear he can wear a pair out in a day. I’ll be pairing them up and notice the heels are missing, it’s almost like we need some kind of reinforcement!

So we need something hard wearing, not made from animal products, child friendly and from an ethical company. Not too much to ask?

If anyone has any awesome clothing finds to share, we’d love to know!

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