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Southend Planetarium

Southend Planetarium

We’ve just got back from a fantastic morning at the Southend Planetarium kindly organised by one of the fab mums in the home education community. These days have been a lifeline since we started our home education journey. Being able to be alongside other home educating families with a shared interest is a great introduction to the wider community. If you or your child finds meeting up with new people daunting, this is a great way to start to recognise faces without feeling pressurised to make friends.

Our presentation lasted around 45 minutes which was a perfect time to keep minds from wandering. Our presenter was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the whole lecture was quite informal. The children joined in with the answers, and I know B man was pleased with the combination of learning new things and reinforcing all the knowledge he already had on space.

Here is what B discovered this morning:

  • The room (planetarium) was a circle. It was like a cinema on the roof.
  • There are 8 major planets (Pluto debate ensued here)
  • Pluto is a dwarf planet
  • The bear (ursa major) is a star constellation that points to the North Star.
  • I learnt that they think there is a new planet and the earth is prettier than I thought

Having read a lot on space over the past years, it was fascinating to visit and pick up something new. Personally I discovered astronomical units and just how far the nearest stars are from us. (Its a looooonnnnggg way!)

As much as I am a fanatic for the London museums, but we are so spoilt to have gems like this on our doorstep. We are due a visit to the Chelmsford Museum soon, we will let you know what we discover there!

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