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Southend Planetarium

Southend Planetarium

We’ve just got back from a fantastic morning at the Southend Planetarium kindly organised by one of the fab mums in the home education community. These days have been a lifeline since we started our home education journey. Being able to be alongside other home educating families with a shared interest is a great introduction to the wider community. If you or your child finds meeting up with new people daunting, this is a great way to start to recognise faces without feeling pressurised to make friends.

Our presentation lasted around 45 minutes which was a perfect time to keep minds from wandering. Our presenter was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the whole lecture was quite informal. The children joined in with the answers, and I know B man was pleased with the combination of learning new things and reinforcing all the knowledge he already had on space.

Here is what B discovered this morning:

  • The room (planetarium) was a circle. It was like a cinema on the roof.
  • There are 8 major planets (Pluto debate ensued here)
  • Pluto is a dwarf planet
  • The bear (ursa major) is a star constellation that points to the North Star.
  • I learnt that they think there is a new planet and the earth is prettier than I thought

Having read a lot on space over the past years, it was fascinating to visit and pick up something new. Personally I discovered astronomical units and just how far the nearest stars are from us. (Its a looooonnnnggg way!)

As much as I am a fanatic for the London museums, but we are so spoilt to have gems like this on our doorstep. We are due a visit to the Chelmsford Museum soon, we will let you know what we discover there!

Space Jars Craft Activity

Space Jars Craft Activity

If you’ve a space mad kid or craft addict these are a great project. Quick to make and not too messy, they got my vote, and didn’t end up looking like the usual “Pinterest fail” we normally end up creating.

You will need:

  • Jars (we found ours in hobbycraft in the baking area)
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Food colouring (we used pink, navy and turquoise)
  • Silver glitter

It’s also useful to have some kind of poking stick and some pots to mix the colours in.

Here’s how the magic works….

  1. Take a small amount of each of your food colouring and mix with water (separately by the way, you don’t want a bowl of brown water!)
  2. Place a couple of your cotton wool balls into your jar and add one of the coloured waters. A funnel can be useful here if you’ve a tendency to pour it all over the table like myself.
  3. Poke the cotton wool down, adding more if need be until all the water is absorbed.
  4. Sprinkle in some glitter.
  5. Add your next coloured water, we layered dark and then light as they do tend to mix. It all adds to the nebula effect though!
  6. Squidge in more cotton wool to soak up all the coloured water.
  7. Add the glitter layer.
  8. Repeat until your jar is full. We managed to fit three different layers in ours.

Ta da!

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