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Sum Fun Games

Sum Fun Games

When you talk about making maths fun, you see eyes roll and hear the usual groans. Can maths really be fun? Well thanks to Sum Fun Games it really can be.

This innovative game is incredibly well thought out because you can really play well together as a family, each playing at your own level. You are playing alongside each other but at your own skill level. A great idea if you are catering for players of all ages. It’s great in this house when one of the players is an accountant too!

The game consists of tiles similar to scrabble but with numbers and maths symbols. Younger players can work out more basic equations whereas older children can test themselves to their ability. I found it refreshing to be able to play together and still challenge myself. In fact, as with so many aspects of home education, your eyes open to abilities you’d forgotten you had!

With the game fitting in a handy zip up case, this is a great companion to take on trips out or on holiday.  We will definitely be using it within both our structured learning sessions and for fun. It’s certainly a hit in this house!


We were kindly sent the game to review, but all opinions are our own.

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