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UK Visit Wish List

UK Visit Wish List

Every year the boy makes a list of places he wants to visit before he reaches his next birthday. There is normally some epic stuff on there, such as rides on the bullet train in Japan and finding a train that goes through a mountain. Sadly I don’t think we’ll get to Japan this year, but I do intend to tick off everything on our UK list this year!

  1. With the largest marble run in the UK, the House of Marbles in Devon sounds like a lot of fun. Its been a couple of years since we’ve been to visit that area of the UK, so I’m itching for a visit.
  2. Just a quick train ride away for us is the Florence Nightingale Museum. I’d only discovered this one recently when I stumbled across a chat about it on Facebook. I think we’ll tie it in with one of the regular trips we make to the London Eye.
  3. We’ve just been recommended to visit the home of Charles Darwin. One of the many wondrous buildings available to visit from English Heritage. There are some great events coming up over the summer, so I think we’ll choose to visit as soon as the warmer days are upon us.
  4. With a budding engineer in the family, I think that the Brunel Museum should be a hit. The underground chamber looks amazing, and the Boat Trips and London Walks sound intriguing.
  5. Also on our list for London is the Canal Museum. I love a narrow boat, so can’t wait to visit this place with the boy.
  6. A bit further afield for us, but high on the list is a trip to The Space Centre in Leicester. Who doesn’t love learning about space after all?

So if you’re looking for something different to do this Easter, why not beat us to it and check off some of our list.

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